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Imperial College London

Imperial College London is a global top ten university with a world-class reputation in science, engineering, business and medicine. Imperial is the only UK university to focus entirely on science, engineering, medicine and business, and is the most innovative university in the UK and 2nd in Europe (Reuters, 2019).


Portfolio of human colorectal adenocarcenoma

Imperial College London have deposited a portfolio of human colorectal adenocarcenoma cell lines with ECACC which includes primary cell lines isolated from patients (of various Duke's stages and histological grades) as well as cloned cells lines genetically modified to highly express alpha integrin domains.


Technology overview


Six cell lines from primary human colorectal adenocarcinomas were established from surgical specimens without the use of 'feeder' cells, 'conditioned' medium or passage of cells in nude mice. The six cell lines exhibit considerable variation in morphology, CEA secretion and tumourigenicity in nude mice. At least two of the lines retain some of the differentiated characteristics of colorectal epithelium. HRA-19 has stem cell properties and undergoes a multilineage differentiation in serum free medium.


HRA-19a1.1 is a clone derived from HRA-19. The HRA-19a1.1 cell line was transfected with alpha integrin domain coding plasmids to create cell lines highly expressing alpha2 or alpha2 and alpha 1 integrin. In experiments, cell lines expressing alpha2 showed a significantly increased endrocrine and mucous cell lineage commitment relative to the parent cell line.


  • Cell lines are invaluable tools for biomedical research

  • Cancer cell lines are the foundation of cancer biology and the quest for drug treatments

  • Adenocarcinoma is a cancer of the epithelium (including colon) and originates in glandular tissue, such as skin surface layer and glands


 Cell Line Name

 Catalogue Number

 HCA-7 Colony 29   












 HCA-7 Colony 1


 HCA-7 Colony 3


 HCA-7 Colony 6


 HCA-7 Colony 11


 HCA-7 Colony 24


 HCA-7 Colony 26


 HCA-7 Colony 27


 HCA-7 Colony 30




 HRA-19a1.1 Alpha 2F


 HRA-19a1.1 Alpha2 B


 HRA-19a1.1 Alpha2Alpha1 B


 HRA-19a1.1 Alpha2Alpha1 E





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