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Virus LENTICULE® Discs

Microbiological reference material for internal quality control

Reference materials (RM) are important elements of quality control in microbiological testing. In partnership with the Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science (Cefas), the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) provides RMs for:



Catalogue number  

Reference Material

Genome copies per LENTICULE disc range


Hepatitis A virus (HAV)

1.4x104 – 2.6x104


Norovirus GI

6.4x103 – 1.1x104


Norovirus GII

1.5x103 – 4.6x103


The RMs are provided as LENTICULE® Discs which consist of viruses in a solid water-soluble matrix that is stable for at least one year from manufacture, easy to use and suitable for a wide range of applications. The LENTICULE® discs must be stored at -20°C ± 5°C, although short periods at ambient temperature such as during transportation, does not affect viability. All LENTICULE® discs are supplied with a minimum expiry date of three months from date of purchase. Each pack of 10 LENTICULE discs comes with easy-to-follow instructions; all orders will be supplied from a single batch.


  • in‑run positive extraction controls for quantitative molecular assays such as real‑time RT‑PCR1

  • method calibration and characterisation

  • use as positive controls in semi‑quantitative RT‑PCR analysis Features of UKHSA/Cefas Virus

  • as qualitative or quantitative control strains for routine food, water and environmental testing

  • for use in research studies

  • for training and educational purposes

Reference Materials:

  • contain defined concentrations of Norovirus or Hepatitis A virus

  • long term stability and statistically proven batch homogeneity

  • quality controlled by Cefas laboratory at multiple manufacturing stages

  • additional quality control undertaken through to expiry date

Additional benefits of UKHSA LENTICULE® Discs:

  • easy to use and saves time – no dilutions required

  • one step process – removing a potential source of error

  • provide quantitative values expressed as genome copies per volume assisting in between run repeatability and greater accuracy

LENTICULE® discs provide a means of preserving microorganismsVirus LENTICULES® can be prepared to contain a wide range of diverse viruses at a range of levels per LENTICULE® disc

The RMs are supplied with a certificate of analysis which gives reference values. 


Safety and handling information, and import permits

  • A guide to using UKHSA LENTICULE® disc Norovirus GI/GII and Hepatitis A virus Reference Materials (RMs)

  • Material Safety Data Sheet – Norovirus LENTICULE® discs

  • Material Safety Data Sheet – Hepatitis A virus LENTICULE® discs


Import Permits

  • For delivery to the USA a CDC import permit is required

  • For delivery to Canada an import permit from Health Canada is required


LENTICULE® is a trade mark of UKHSA. The method of preparation and the LENTICULE® discs themselves are subject to the International Patent Application published as WO 01/05941.