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Customer service policy

Our Promises to you

Culture Collections takes immense pride in the service we offer to the scientific community, and the below underpin our promises to you.

We will…

  • make sure that any order placed with us is processed and dispatched as soon as possible.
  • make every effort to ensure our products arrive with you in a satisfactory condition.
  • respond to any customer enquiry within 3 working days of receipt of the enquiry.
  • resolve your enquiry as quickly as possible or arrange for a colleague to contact you and provide further assistance.
  • respond to all problems reported to us regarding our products or services promptly.


Compliments, Concerns and Complaints

The Culture Collections team continually strives for excellence in all that we do, and we would like to hear from you if you have received excellent service so we can recognise those individuals involved. Please contact us to share your experience with us.

Culture Collections values our customer’s opinions and value their feedback highly. You can provide feedback on our products, services and service levels via our contact us webpage.

Culture Collections’ Quality Assurance Department reviews all complaints to ensure compliance with ISO 17025 and ISO 9001.


Feedback regarding orders via our Distribution Partners

All feedback relating to orders placed with one of the Culture Collections’ distributors, must be lodged directly with that organisation. Culture Collections and our distribution partners will, however, work together to respond to your issue.


Feedback regarding Direct Orders

The following policy relates to those products or services ordered directly with and fulfilled by the culture collections of the UK Health Security Agency.

Please contact us regarding any feedback you would like to give on an order placed directly with Culture Collections. If you would like to make a complaint, we are sorry that our product or service has fallen below the standards expected. Culture Collections is committed to dealing with complaints or concerns about a product or service effectively; please register your complaint with the Customer Service Team. Please mark your email as:

  • Technical Complaint - for complaints associated with an order, or a specific product or service.
  • Administrative Complaint  – for all other complaints, including complaints about the Customer Service we have provided.

Please note: Culture Collections is unable to accept liability for quality problems that are reported 20 business days following the date of receipt, are attributable to a failure to adhere to the Culture Collections’ recommendations for resuscitation and propagation or are reported following the subculture of the product in the customer's laboratory.


Your Complaint: What happens next?
  • we will acknowledge your complaint and provide a reference number for future correspondence.
  • we will investigate the details of your complaint and review the relevant evidence provided.
  • we will keep the complainant informed throughout, with timelines until it is resolved.

In the event of claimed product failure, Culture Collections reserves the right to refuse reimbursement if, following investigation, it can reasonably demonstrate that identical units from the same lot number fulfil quality specifications. 


Putting things right

If our investigations find that the product, or service, we provided failed our quality standards, then we will endeavour to rectify this as follows:

  • Product Failure - A free replacement (including shipping) will be provided.
  • Service Failure - A refund of any fee paid, and appropriate procedures implemented to prevent reoccurrence.


Published February 2023