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Release conditions

Material Transfer Agreements (MTAs) with Culture Collections

If you require Culture Collections to provide you with a MTA please get in touch with us.

Each MTA will be customised as per the customer’s request and must be signed by an authorised representative of your organisation.

The MTA is between you, the customer (organisation) and Culture Collections, a not-for-profit organisation. The customer must have first obtained an approved customer account number with the UK Health Security Agency.

The MTA is effective from the date of completion once signed by Culture Collections and will manage the purchase and use of all Culture Collection materials under our terms and conditions


Several of ECACC’s cell lines have release conditions associated with them, and certain documents must be completed before these products will be dispatched to the user. These include Access & Use Agreements (EAUA) and MTAs for HipSci lines, and cell line release authorisation forms. Please check the specific product page for the relevant release conditions.

HipSci MTAs

The Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells Initiative (HipSci) is generating a large, high-quality reference panel of human induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) lines for research use only. These cell lines are not available to commercial companies. Further, all research institutions must complete the appropriate MTA that corresponds to their cell line of interest. There are a number of different types of MTA and the correct one can be found on the specific product page.

The MTA must be completed in full by an authorised signatory, must be legible, and that no changes have been made to the document. 


Cell line release authorisation forms 

A variety of commercial, non-commercial and academic centres of excellence across the world have deposited their cell lines into ECACC. The depositor remains the owner of the cell line and you, as a user, are granted a right to use the banked material for research purposes as per ECACC’s Terms and Conditions.

For use of a cell line outside of ECACC’s Terms and Conditions a commercial license may need to be in place prior to purchase, and this will need to be negotiated with the depositor. Commercial customers using cell Lines with restricted release conditions must complete the accompanying Cell line release authorisation form so that their information can be passed onto the appropriate depositor.

For further information, please contact us