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Technical Support

At culture collections we are committed to optimizing your research and customer experience. Explore our range of online resources to provide technical support for our products and services.

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Certificates of Analysis (CoA)

  1. Search for the cell line/strain you want the certificate for

  2. Open the correct catalogue entry and click the CoA icon (situated in the box on the right hand side of the catalogue entry)

  3. Enter the lot number into the search field for the format of the cells received, click search

Please note: If the CoA required is not available via the website, you can request it using the Request Certificate of Analysis link.



Explore our protocols for detailed guides on cell culture, opening and growing freeze-dried bacteria strains and instructions in multiple languages. Find out more here.


Cell culture information


Mycoplasma and sterility testing


Cell line authentication services


Human genetic services




Bacteria information


Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)