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Nucleic Acids

Nucleic acids (genomic DNA, RNA and cDNA) are used increasingly in research and clinical diagnostic settings as an alternative to live microorganisms and cell lines in disease research, as a means of producing vaccines, as a tool for identifying potential drug targets for novel therapeutics in drug development, and also as gene controls in diagnostic PCR assays.

We offer a wide range of nucleic acid products and services to support researchers and the biomedical community. These include nucleic acids from our human and animal cell lines and bacteria products as well as several bespoke extraction services.

Benefits of using our authenticated, quality nucleic acids:

  • saves the expense of purchasing live micro-organisms or cell lines, and the time taken for culturing and extraction

  • the provenance of each product is known

  • extraction, preparation and quality control is taken care of - products are ready to use straight away

  • a variety of formats to suit you, allowing you to progress in your research or undertake diagnostic testing with confidence


Culture Collection nucleic acid products are supplied at either +4°C or frozen. All nucleic acids are supplied with a data sheet which accompanies the delivery; these sheets contain valuable information about how the nucleic acids should be handled and stored.