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Bacteria DNA

NCTC holds over 5500 type and reference bacterial strains. DNA from Hazard Group 2 and 3 strains from our collection have been selected and are available via our online catalogue.

The DNA supplied (approximately 2µg) is high molecular weight and is therefore suitable for a wide range of molecular applications including whole genome sequencing.

NCTC 10538 E. coli K12 DNA has been validated as a sequencing control by UKHSA's Central Sequencing Laboratory.


NCTC DNA Products

The National Collection of Type Cultures (NCTC) has a well catalogued library of DNA products to meet your needs. 


NCTC Inactivated DNA Products

The National Collection of Type Cultures (NCTC) is dedicated to reducing the global burden of infectious diseases. We serve as a trusted source of authentic, pure, and typical bacteria for scientific research. NCTC strains play a crucial role in diagnostic standards, food and water testing, and antimicrobial sensitivity testing guidelines, among others. In the post-genomic era, we are now taking a significant step forward without the need for live cultures, offering a range of benefits to the scientific community:

Goodbye to Growing Pains 

Some bacterial strains are challenging to grow. They may have complex nutritional requirements, require specific atmospheric conditions, or have slow growth rates, making it time-consuming to generate sufficient biomass for DNA extraction. If you're facing such challenges, we're here to help with our bespoke DNA service.


Eliminate Containment Constraints

Not everyone has access to a Category 3 laboratory, and working with such organisms demands specialized waste management, staff training, and acceptance of a certain level of risk. NCTC can remove these barriers by providing you with inactivated, non-infectious, high-quality, high molecular weight DNA products delivered safely and securely via courier.


Readymade Molecular Materials

Just as NCTC strains serve as vital controls in diagnostic and research laboratories, you can now incorporate DNA derived from NCTC strains into your molecular assays to enhance the quality and robustness of your results. Our carefully extracted inactivated products are suitable for a variety of applications, including quality-sensitive techniques like long-read whole-genome sequencing or pulsed-field gel electrophoresis. NCTC inactivated products have played a crucial role in tracking SARS-CoV-2 in the UKHSA's Central Sequencing Laboratory. They are also valuable for laboratory teaching and training purposes.


Try Before You Buy

The NCTC 3000 whole-genome sequencing project has published over 3,000 assemblies, and over half of our strains, including all NCTC type strains, now have high-quality assemblies available. You don't need to wait until after purchasing your NCTC strain to confirm its suitability for your experiments. The assemblies are available now, providing a new way for scientists worldwide to interact with our collection. Once you find the strain that suits your needs, simply let us know your requirements.