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Bespoke cell culture

ECACC's bespoke cell culture service combines more than 30 years of extensive cell culture experience and expertise with a range of cell culture systems to carry out non-GMP cell culture bespoke projects in support of customers' research, development or production programmes.

Whatever your requirements might be we can help, contact us to discuss your requirements in more detail or fill in our quotation form below.

Available services include:

  • bespoke cell banking (non-GMP)

  • large scale culture of adherent and suspension cell lines

  • feasibility studies

  • cell growth profiling

  • nucleic acid extraction

  • cell pellet and membrane preparation 

  • preparation of cell cultures for high-throughput screening

  • optimisation of cryopreservation

  • production of conditioned cell culture media

  • scheduled supply of growing cultures

  • cell culture support for product manufacturers


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