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European Collection of Authenticated Cell Cultures (ECACC)

ECACC has a range of cell line collections grouped according to the type of cell line and the data available. We have an active cell line acquisition programme, new lines are added to our collections and we list recent additions on the new cell lines page.

All cell lines supplied by ECACC undergo comprehensive quality control and authentication procedures. These include testing for mycoplasma by culture isolation, Hoechst DNA staining and PCR, together with culture testing for contaminant bacteria, yeast and fungi.

Authentication procedures used include species verification by DNA barcoding and identity verification by DNA profiling. Human cell lines are analysed by PCR of short tandem repeat sequences within chromosomal microsatellite DNA (STR-PCR).

Certificates of Analysis are available on request for each cell line lot number supplied, which report the viable cell count, identity of the cell line and the absence of bacteria, fungi and mycoplasma.


Cell lines grouped according to a particular characteristic or area of study: