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Delivery information

We aim to dispatch your order for Culture Collections products within 6 to 8 weeks of receipt of your fully completed order. Where items are not in stock, and in other certain circumstances, the delivery time from receipt of order will be extended and customers will be informed.


Method of delivery

UK and mainland Europe

Orders are delivered by courier directly to the customer-specified address. Customers are notified of dispatch by email, if requested at time order was placed.

Rest of world

Orders are delivered directly to the customer's delivery address, or by airfreight to the nearest customs clearing airport. Please specify your preference when placing an order. Customers are provided the necessary information (e.g. airway bill number, flight details and/or courier tracking number)  via email to enable arranging timely collection of the order from customs.

Numerous restrictions and regulations govern the international transport of cell lines. We strive to dispatch all orders without delay using our approved couriers/freighters. We cannot be held responsible for failure of packages to clear customs, this process is out of our control and may require input from the customer, however we will do all we can to help facilitate this.

All Non-UK Orders Requiring a CITES Export Permit

If your order requires a CITES export permit it will be sent by airfreight (not by door-to-door courier) to the nearest customs clearing airport. This means that you will need to arrange to collect your order from the airport. You will be notified with the necessary information, e.g. airway bill number and flight details, to enable you to arrange timely collection of your order from customs. You may find it beneficial to engage a customs clearing agent to aid clearance through customs. See import and export requirements for more detail.


Estimated dispatch times

We aim to dispatch all products within 6-8 weeks


Delivery charges

Find out what delivery charges are best suited for your product and region



As an exporter, Culture Collections needs to make sure shipping and delivery responsibilities are written down and clearly understood. Using international commercial terms (known as incoterms), learn more about incoterms.


Ordering Information

Find the essential ordering information for your culture collections product.

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