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How to order AuthentiCell tests


The AuthentiCell testing kit is a quick, low cost and easy-to-use identity test for human cell lines. No need to extract DNA just pipette cells directly onto the FTA card provided and mail to our testing centre - no dry ice needed. The test itself includes the use of short tandem repeat (STR) loci as some of the most informative polymorphic markers in the human genome. 


Price: Tests are £135 each or £125 if five or more are ordered




How to order:

1. Order the FTA cards (below) 

2. Grow your cells to the recommended concentration 

3. Spot samples of human cells or DNA onto the FTA card and leave to dry

4. Return FTA cards using the pre-addressed envelope provided; no dry ice required! 


What we provide:

  • STR analysis at 16 loci including Amylogenin

  • Expert interpretation of electropherograms 

  • Comparison of results with the AuthentiCell database and publicly available STR profile databases

  • A confidential report summarising your results


You will receive your results within five working days of sample receipt. 

See our service guide for further information.


A custom STR profiling service is also available for bespoke and routine orders, please submit a general enquiry form for further information.