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Bacteria Collection: Actinomyces bovis

NCTC Number: NCTC 11535
Current Name: Actinomyces bovis
Original Strain Reference: P1S
Other Collection No: ATCC 13683; DSM 43014; P1S
Previous Catalogue Name: Actinomyces bovis
Type Strain: Yes
Family: Actinomycetaceae
Hazard Group (ACDP): 2
Release Restrictions: Terms & Conditions of Supply of Microbial Pathogens: Safety
Conditions for growth on solid media: Fastidious anaerobe agar, 24-48 hours, 37°C, anaerobic
Conditions for growth on liquid media: blood agar,37, facultative anaerobe
Isolated From: mammal, cow lumpy jaw
Whole Genome Sequence:
16S rRNA Gene Sequence: >gb|X81061|NCTC 11535|A.bovis 16S rRNA gene.| gatcctggctcagga... >gb|X53224 M33909|DSM 43014|Actinomyces bovis partial 16S rRNA.| gggtgagtaacacgt...
Bibliography: SLACK M J & GERENCSER M A 1976 INT J SYST BACT 26 85
Extended Bibliography: showhide Show bibliography
Ref #: 16365
Author(s): Stackebrandt,E.;Charfreitag,O.
Journal: J Gen Microbiol
Title: Partial 16S rRNA primary structure of five Actinomyces species: phylogenetic implications and development of an Actinomyces israelii-specific oligonucleotide probe
Volume: 136
Page(s): 37-43
Year: 1990
Keyword(s): GENBANK/M33908 GENBANK/M33909 GENBANK/M33910 GENBANK/M33911 GENBANK/M33912 GENBANK/M33913 GENBANK/X53224 GENBANK/X53225 GENBANK/X53226 GENBANK/X53227 Actinomyces/*classification/genetics Actinomycosis/diagnosis Base Sequence Molecular Sequence Data *Oligonucleotide Probes *Phylogeny RNA, Bacterial/*analysis RNA, Ribosomal/*analysis RNA, Ribosomal, 16S/*analysis
Remarks: The intra- and intergeneric relationships of the genus Actinomyces were determined by comparing long 16S rRNA sequences, generated by reverse transcriptase. All species formed a phylogenetically coherent cluster in which Actinomyces bovis, A. viscosus, A. naeslundii, A. odontolyticus and A. israelii constituted genetically well defined species. A. israelii DSM 43322 (serotype 2) was not closely related to three other strains of this species (serotype 1) and, as judged from phylogenetic distances, could be accommodated within A. naeslundii, or represent a new species. In contrast to previous findings, members of the genus Actinomyces appear to be related to Bifidobacterium bifidum. Sequence information was used to develop an oligonucleotide probe for the A. israelii serotype 1 strains, which did not react with the serotype 2 strain or with rRNA from strains of eight Actinomyces species.
URL: 1693659
Ref #: 12011
Author(s): Ramos,C.P.;Foster,G.;Collins,M.D.
Journal: Int J Syst Bacteriol
Title: Phylogenetic analysis of the genus Actinomyces based on 16S rRNA gene sequences: description of Arcanobacterium phocae sp. nov., Arcanobacterium bernardiae comb. nov., and Arcanobacterium pyogenes comb. nov
Volume: 47
Page(s): 46-53
Year: 1997
Keyword(s): GENBANK/X79225 GENBANK/X80411 GENBANK/X80412 GENBANK/X80413 GENBANK/X80414 GENBANK/X81061 GENBANK/X81062 GENBANK/X81063 GENBANK/X82448 GENBANK/X82449 GENBANK/X82450 GENBANK/X82451 GENBANK/X82452 GENBANK/X82453 GENBANK/X97049 Actinomycetaceae/*classification/*genetics Bacteriological Techniques Culture Media/metabolism DNA, Bacterial/*analysis Molecular Sequence Data Phylogeny RNA, Ribosomal, 16S/*genetics Sequence Homology, Nucleic Acid Support, Non-U.S. Gov't
Remarks: A systematic phylogenetic analysis of the genus Actinomyces was performed. The 16S rRNA gene sequences of 13 Actinomyces species, an unnamed Actinomyces strain (ATCC 49338), and an Actinomyces-like isolate from sea mammals were determined. Comparative sequence analysis with closely related taxa revealed phylogenetic diversity and internal structure within the genus Actinomyces. In addition, some members of other genera (viz., the genera Arcanobacterium, Mobiluncus, and Rothia) were shown to be phylogenetically intermixed with the Actinomyces species. It was evident from both distance and tree topology considerations that the genus Actinomyces is in urgent need of taxonomic revision and requires subdivision into several genera. Based on the results of the present study it is proposed that Actinomyces bernardiae and Actinomyces pyogenes be assigned to the genus Arcanobacterium as Arcanobacterium bernardiae comb. nov. and Arcanobacterium pyogenes comb. nov., respectively. In addition, a new species, Arcanobacterium phocae, is proposed for Actinomyces-like bacteria isolated from seals.
URL: 97148975
Data: (DSM 43014, ATCC 13683) Type strain / P. A. Pienta, ATCC in 1983 / L. Pine, Duke University, USA / Cow lumpy jaw / Slack, M. J. & Gerencser, M. A. (1976) Int. J. syst. Bact. 26, 85
Accession Date: 01/01/1983
Authority: Harz 1877 (AL)
Depositor: PIENTA P A
Taxonomy: TaxLink: S130 (Actinomyces bovis Harz 1877) - Date of change: 5/02/2003
Biosafety Responsibility: It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that their facilities comply with biosafety regulations for their own country

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