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Bacteria Collection: Neisseria animalis

NCTC Number: NCTC 10212
Current Name: Neisseria animalis
Original Strain Reference: NA10
Other Collection No: NA10
Previous Catalogue Name: Neisseria animalis
Type Strain: Yes
Family: Neisseriaceae
Release Restrictions: Terms & Conditions of Supply of Microbial Pathogens: Safety
Conditions for growth on solid media: Columbia blood agar, 24-48 hours, 37°C, aerobic
Conditions for growth on liquid media: nutrient broth,37, aerobic
Isolated From: mammal, oropharynx of guinea-pig
Whole Genome Sequence:
Annotated Genome:
16S rRNA Gene Sequence: >gb|AJ247234|NCTC 10212|Neisseria animalis 16S rRNA gene, partial.| catgcaagtcggacg... >gb|AJ239288|NCTC10212|Neisseria animalis 16S rRNA gene (partial), strain NCTC10212.| cagcggggaagtgct...
23S rRNA Gene Sequence: >gb|AF124628|NCTC 10212|Neisseria animalis strain NCTC 10212 23S ribosomal RNA gene,partial sequence.| cgtactttgattcaa...
Bibliography: BERGER U 1960 Z HYG INFETKRANKH 147 158
Extended Bibliography: showhide Show bibliography
Ref #: 13256
Author(s): Smith,N.H.;Holmes,E.C.;Donovan,G.M.;Carpenter,G.A.;Spratt,B.G.
Journal: Mol Biol Evol
Title: Networks and groups within the genus Neisseria: analysis of argF, recA, rho, and 16S rRNA sequences from human Neisseria species
Volume: 16
Page(s): 773-83
Year: 1999
Keyword(s): GENBANK/AJ239278 GENBANK/AJ239279 GENBANK/AJ239280 GENBANK/AJ239281 GENBANK/AJ239282 GENBANK/AJ239283 GENBANK/AJ239284 GENBANK/AJ239285 GENBANK/AJ239286 GENBANK/AJ239287 GENBANK/AJ239288 GENBANK/AJ239289 GENBANK/AJ239290 GENBANK/AJ239291 GENBANK/AJ239292 GENBANK/AJ239293 GENBANK/AJ239294 GENBANK/AJ239295 GENBANK/AJ239296 GENBANK/AJ239297 GENBANK/AJ239298 GENBANK/AJ239299 GENBANK/AJ239300 GENBANK/AJ239301 GENBANK/AJ239302 GENBANK/AJ239303 GENBANK/AJ239304 GENBANK/AJ239305 GENBANK/AJ239306 GENBANK/AJ239307 Base Sequence Comparative Study DNA Primers/genetics Evolution, Molecular *Genes, Bacterial Human Molecular Sequence Data Nasopharynx/microbiology Neisseria/classification/*genetics/pathogenicity Neisseria gonorrhoeae/genetics Neisseria meningitidis/genetics Phylogeny RNA, Bacterial/*genetics RNA, Ribosomal, 16S/*genetics Rec A Protein/genetics Rho Factor/*genetics Sequence Homology, Nucleic Acid Species Specificity Support, Non-U.S. Gov't
Remarks: To understand the pattern of nucleotide sequence variation among bacteria that frequently exchange chromosomal genes, we analyzed sequences of the recA, argF, and rho genes, as well as part of the small-subunit (16S) rRNA gene, from about 50 isolates of human commensal Neisseria species and the pathogenic N. meningitidis and N. gonorrhoeae. Almost all isolates of these species could be assigned to five phylogenetic groups that are found for all genes examined and generally are supported by high bootstrap values. In contrast, the phylogenetic relationships among groups varied according to the gene analyzed with notable incongruences involving N. cinerea and N. lactamica. Further analysis using split decomposition showed that for each gene, including 16S rRNA, the patterns of sequence divergence within N. meningitidis and closely related species were inconsistent with a bifurcating treelike phylogeny and better represented by an interconnected network. These data indicate that the human commensal Neisseria species can be separated into discrete groups of related species but that the relationships both within and among these groups, including those reconstructed using 16S rRNA, have been distorted by interspecies recombination events.
URL: 99297344
Data: Type strain / U. Berger, Hamburg in 1960 / Guinea-pig / Berger, U. (1960) Z. Hyg. InfektKrankh. 147, 158
Accession Date: 01/01/1960
Authority: Berger 1960 (AL)
Depositor: BERGER U
Taxonomy: TaxLink: S2093 (Neisseria animalis Berger 1960) - Date of change: 5/02/2003
Biosafety Responsibility: It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that their facilities comply with biosafety regulations for their own country

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