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Vero (WHO)

Vero (WHO)

Catalogue No.


Cell Line Name

Vero (WHO)

Cell Line Description

A World Health Organisation working cell bank of 1,000 ampoules deposited at ECACC, derived from an original American Type Culture Collection (ATCC) ampoule. Available free of charge to organisations producing vaccines following receipt of approval to supply from WHO. Criteria for acceptability of request: production of a vaccine or biological defined in WHO recommendations/guidelines; development of new candidate vaccines or biologicals of global health importance as determined by WHO; exceptionally, samples may be released for reverse genetics or similar vector production intended for manufacture or development of vaccines or biologicals.Contraindications: transferring the released cells and their progenies to third parties without permission of WHO; use for testing or cell therapy applications.A Certificate of Analysis is not available for this cell line. The WHO Vero reference cell bank 10-87 cells are not "approved" in any way for vaccine manufacture by WHO. These repository cells are provided for the purpose of establishing master cell banks (MCB) and master working cell banks (MWCB). Regardless of any previous testing, any cells transferred to, and cultured in, a new environment will require re-qualification. Therefore, it is the responsibility of each manufacturer to ensure appropriate handling, expansion, and maintenance of the cells and to perform the qualification tests necessary to establish a cell bank for vaccine manufacture.

General Info


Chlorocebus sabaeus

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Release Conditions

Restricted - CITES (Convention on the International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) licence required for all orders outside the United Kingdom


Tissue of Origin





Vaccine Production


None Stated

Culture Conditions

Cell Type


Subculture Routine

A full description of the recommended subculture methods and documentation of the cell bank production is provided with the cells.

Culture Medium

DMEM + 2mM Glutamine + 10% Foetal Bovine Serum (FBS).

Growth Mode


Additional Info


World Health Organisation, Geneva

Country of Origin


Hazard Group (ACDP)

Hazard Group (ACDP) 2



Osada, Naoki, Arihiro Kohara, Toshiyuki Yamaji, Noriko Hirayama, Fumio Kasai, Tsuyoshi Sekizuka, Makoto Kuroda, and Kentaro Hanada. "The Genome Landscape of the African Green Monkey Kidney-derived Vero Cell Line." DNA Research : An International Journal for Rapid Publication of Reports on Genes and Genomes 21, no. 6 (2014): 673-83

Available Formats

  • Frozen

If use of this culture results in a scientific publication, it should be cited in the publication as: Vero (WHO) (ECACC 88020401).

Unless specified otherwise, at ECACC we routinely handle all of our cell lines at containment level 2 in accordance with the ACDP guidelines (Advisory Committee on Dangerous Pathogens) (UK). All cell cultures have the potential to carry as yet unidentified adventitious agents. It is the responsibility of the end user to ensure that their facilities comply with biosafety regulations for their own country. ACDP Guidance: Biological agents: Managing the risks in laboratories and healthcare premises.

The Culture Collections represent deposits of cultures from world-wide sources. While every effort is made to ensure details distributed by Culture Collections are accurate, Culture Collections cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies in the data supplied. References where quoted are mainly attributed to the establishment of the cell culture and not for any specific property of the cell line, therefore further references should be obtained regarding cell culture characteristics. Passage numbers where given act only as a guide and Culture Collections does not guarantee the passage number stated will be the passage number received by the customer.

Cultures supplied by Culture Collections are for research purposes only. Enquiries regarding the commercial use of a cell line are referred to the depositor of the cell line. Some cell lines have additional special release conditions such as the requirement for a material transfer agreement to be completed by the potential recipient prior to the supply of the cell line. Please view the Terms & Conditions of Supply for more information.