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Guidelines for acceptance of patent deposits

All deposits must be preceded by:

1. Patent Deposit Submission Form

2. Biohazard Risk Assessment Form 


A patent deposit cannot be accepted if:

(i) the package is damaged in any way that could compromise containment
(ii) appropriate shipping temperatures have not been maintained
(iii) ampoules are not completely sealed
(iv) ampoules are not clearly labelled
(v) twelve identical ampoules prepared from a single batch have not been provided


The twelve ampoules must be prepared from a single batch so that QC procedures carried out on one ampoule represent all ampoules. If this has not been followed the Culture Collections will request a new deposit or, alternatively, the Culture Collections may be able to re-bank the patent deposit. If a deposit is unacceptable or fails the QC tests the ampoules will be returned to the depositor for destruction. The Culture Collections will not destroy patent deposits. If a new deposit is required this will result in a new accession number.