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How to submit patent deposits

Please ensure to complete and submit the deposit forms:

1. Patent Deposit Submission Form

2. Biohazard Risk Assessment Form (a legal requirement in accordance with the UK Health and Safety Laws. Ensure the possible pathogenicity of the microorganism to humans is stated as well as the including the Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) status).

Biohazard Risk Assessment Form - Cell Lines

Biohazard Risk Assessment Form - Viruses

Biohazard Risk Assessment Form - Bacteria

The Public Health England Genetic Modification Safety Committee (GMSC) will review the Biohazard Risk Assessment. Any deposit classified as GMO category 2 or higher category cannot be accepted unless approved by both the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and GMSC. Upon approval we will notify the depositor to arrange receipt of the patent deposit. Similarly, if a patent submission is not approved we will contact the depositor to explain the reason why.


Await notification

If approved, we will contact you to provide a reference number for receipt. Ensure you have read the Guidelines for Acceptance of Patent Deposits (below) and you understand that a patent deposit cannot be accepted unless twelve (12) identical ampoules are received.


Package correctly and send

Packages should be clearly labelled with the storage temperature, sender’s contact information and the reference number. Packaging and transportation must be used in accordance with UN 602 regulations. Approved UN 602 packaging may be obtained from several suppliers, the details of which are available from any Royal Mail Sales Centre. If you use a courier service to deliver your samples, please contact the company involved for advice on their own approved packaging. 

The depositor is entirely responsible for the costs of transportation of deposits to the Culture Collections.