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The fundamentals of cell culture: key principles and practice

ECACC has provided cell culture training to industry, academia and government institutes since 1990. We are currently taking a break from training courses whilst we focus on assisting the UK Health Security Agency in the ongoing COVID-19 response. Please get in touch if you are interested in registering for future courses.

The Fundamentals of Cell Culture is a four day course held at the ECACC laboratories at the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) site in the south west of England that aims to deliver a balance of theory, essential techniques and best practices covering the entire cell culture workflow. It is delivered by a team of UKHSA cell culture experts and regular invited lecturers. The course covers:

  • culture initiation from frozen vials

  • the generation of primary cultures

  • the maintenance, cryopreservation, quality control and validation of cell banks

  • the delivery of cell cultures to a variety of applications and cell based assays

  • qualitative and quantitative cell culture

  • the biology, characterisation and selection of cell lines

  • stem cell biology

  • novel 3D cell culture strategies

  • experimental design

  • troubleshooting in the cell culture lab


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