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Fast-track cell culture course

ECACC has provided cell culture training to industry, academia and government institutes since 1990. We are currently taking a break from training courses whilst we focus on assisting the UK Health Security Agency in the ongoing COVID-19 response. Please get in touch if you are interested in registering for future courses.

The Fast Track cell culture course is a two day introductory course has the overall aim of ensuring scientific reproducibility through standardised cell culture. Delivered by ECACC at Durham University's state of the art laboratory facilities it has a mix of lectures and hands-on practical activities.

Summary of course content

  • safety

  • documentation

  • history and introduction of cell culture

  • resuscitating cells from frozen

  • subculture

  • cryopreservation and cell banking

  • essential quality control of cell banks

  • technologies for advanced 3D cell culture, with subject expert Professor Stefan Przyborski

  • advanced cell culture imaging

The course includes a session devoted to troubleshooting cell culture problems, and includes a comprehensive training manual.


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