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Webinar Growing Pains: Cell Culture Challenges and Best Practices

Cell culture is an essential technique in modern biological laboratories and is employed in a wide range of research fields, including oncology, genetics, pharmacology, and bioproduction. Cell line contamination and misidentification is a significant threat facing cell culture, with the potential to invalidate years, if not decades, of data. Other common obstacles to research reproducibility involving culture systems include environmental variability, media inefficiency, and inappropriate scaling up or down of operations.

Dr Sharon Bahia and Jim Cooper of ECACC presented a live webinar hosted by “The Scientist” and sponsored by Millipore Sigma entitled “Growing Pains: Cell Culture Challenges and Best Practices”. This informative webinar had a global audience of hundreds of scientists and covered the following topics:

• standardisation of training, reagents, protocols, and analysis methods

• steps for improving reproducibility of culture setup and maintenance

• the importance of authenticating cell lines and monitoring for mycoplasma infection

• choosing the best culture model system for your experimental aims

• the challenges posed by novel cell culture systems such as iPSC, organoids and complex 3D cell culture.


The webinar is now available to stream here

January 2020