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Three Species D Adenovirus Isolated from Patients with AIDS Whole Genome Sequenced

Three species D adenoviruses (HAdV) that were isolated from the faeces of patients with AIDS in the UK have been whole genome sequenced and are now available from NCPV.  The viruses include HAdVD23 (17081001v) and two novel viruses HAdVD60a (17081003v) and HAdVD62 (17081002v) which have been approved as new types of HAdV by the Human Adenovirus Working Group.

Described in Genome Announcement in 2014, sequencing was carried out at the University of Liverpool Centre for Genomic Research and sequences were compared to previously sequenced HAdV-D genomes in GenBank.

HAdVD23 was shown to be 98% homologous with a HAdV-D23 strain that had been sequenced in 2013. The two novel viruses differ is several ways. In HAdVD60a the genome lacks the penton arginine-glycine-aspartic acid motif and also differs from HAdVD60 by a recombinant E3 region. HAdVD62 on the other hand has several regions (penton, hexon, and fiber) which have not previously been seen other adenoviruses.

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Alissa Alkhalaf M, Al Qurashi YMA, Guiver M, Cooper RJ. 2014. Genome sequences of three species D adenoviruses isolated from AIDS patients. Genome Announc. 2(1):e01267-13. doi:10.1128/genomeA.01267-13.
January 2020