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Preparing for a project involving cell culture for the new term

Calling all project leaders, supervisors and postgraduate students to consider the following while planning new projects involving cell culture:

  • Start your project with new authenticated cell lines from ECACC - more and more journals are increasingly requiring the use of authenticated cell lines in order to publish papers or obtain grant funding

  • Send your existing cell cultures to ECACC for a full health-check. Contamination and mis-identification of cell lines is a long-standing problem that can lead to erroneous data, misinterpreted results, and extensive costs. We have a comprehensive range of cell culture services for a full health check

  • We have an extensive range of over 1500 induced pluripotent stem cell lines (iPSCs) representing both disease and normal donor patients

  • Sign up for our free of charge lab handbook - the fourth edition of the fundamental techniques in cell culture is now available. It covers key topics including the sourcing of cell lines, quality control, growing cells in 3D cell culture and also includes detailed protocols for induced pluripotent stem cells. Watch our 'good cell culture' videos on YouTube to get more tips

January 2020