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PHE celebrates the 100th Institute of Biomedical Science (IBMS) placement student

Image: Derick Edgerton, IBMS verifier, Eleanor Hill and Mike Carter, Placement Programme Lead

PHE has been offering placements since 2006 in which undergraduate students enrolled an IBMS-accredited Biomedical Science degree spend a year with the organisation in between their second and third year of study. Mike Carter, the Placement Programme Lead, says of the programme and milestone reached “this is a fantastic opportunity for students reading for a degree in biomedical science to experience the working world of a biomedical scientist, all the opportunities and challenges the profession brings and provides and is only successful as a result of the input of the students, such as Ellie, and the support of colleagues, including Hannah, acting as supervisors and tutors. Having 100 students complete the Registration Training Portfolio is a milestone I had always worked for and hoped would occur, feel extremely proud of all the successes it’s brought and look forward to the next 100 – no pressures!

NCTC has taken on students every year since 2013 with Hannah McGregor, an alumnus of the placement programme now a supervisor who guides their training and the completion of the Portfolios. The range of microorganisms included in the NCTC collection affords an excellent opportunity for students to learn about the diversity of bacteria of clinical and veterinary significance. During their year in the department, the students will learn the importance of quality, safety as well as demonstrating competence and a professional attitude to their work. This is all vital for successful completion of the IBMS Registration Training Portfolio, a feat that requires hard work and dedication from anyone undertaking it.

“My placement year in NCTC has been a fantastic opportunity to gain experience and knowledge of microbiology,” says Eleanor. “The staff in NCTC are very supportive and knowledgeable and I have been able to learn a lot through them as well as attending seminars and conferences, which I would not have had the chance to do otherwise.”

“Returning to university, I feel more confident in working in a laboratory setting  and that upon graduation, I have an advantage over others when applying for jobs”

By successfully completing the IBMS Registration Training Portfolio, Eleanor will be able to register with the Health and Care Professions Council as a Biomedical Scientist upon finishing her degree in summer 2018.

The staff at NCTC are proud to support the Placement Student Programme within Public Health England and will support the development of young scientists for many years to come.

October 2017


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