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New NCPV viruses in 2018

In 2018, eight new virus strains from five families were made available through the NCPV online catalogue. Three of these were Human adenovirus species D, the rest were Adenovirus 8, Chikungunya virus, Poxvirus Pakistan, Epstein-Barr virus and Usutu virus. All eight strains are listed on the new viral strains page on the website. More strains will be added to the page as they become available, such as Inkoo virus, a mosquito-borne virus belonging to the Bunyaviridae family, which will be available soon.

If you have isolated a new strain or have a strain to deposit then please contact us and deposit with us.  There are many benefits of depositing your strains with NCPV. It is free of charge to deposit and you will have access your deposited strains at any time and without charge. The process for depositing is straightforward and international dispatch, including biosecurity and licence requirements, is managed for you. 

NCPV will independently authenticate the identity and sterility of your strains and you retain Intellectual Property Rights on all material. 

Please see our deposit with NCPV page and complete the Virus deposit information form.


Written by Heena Shah, Microbial Product and Distributor Manager, Culture Collections


January 2020