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Interpretation of STR profiles for human cell line identification

ECACC has recently launched a new service for human cell line authentication by STR profiling. The process is simple and quick; cells are spotted onto an FTA card and sent for analysis by post at ambient temperature. STR analysis is then undertaken at 16 loci including Amylogenin.

The STR profiling report is emailed within 5 working days and includes expert interpretation of the electrophrenogram and a comparison of the profile with other cell line profiles available from the ECACC database and also publicly available online STR profile databases.

ECACC have created several resources to help researchers understand the STR profiles and report.



Interpretation of cell line STR profiles - electrophrenogram

Interpretation of cell line STR profiles - instrumental artefacts

Interpretation of cell line STR profiles - biological artefacts


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January 2020