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'AuthentiCell' brand coming soon...

Authentication of cell lines is essential to ensure that you are not working with cell lines that are misidentified, cross contaminated, or that differ genetically from the original stocks, due to genetic instability or drift. As a fundamental part of good cell culture practice, it is increasingly required to secure funding for research and for publication in scientific journals.

ECACC's STR profiling service

ECACC offers cell line authentication services for both human and animal cell lines. For human cell lines, STR loci are widely used and accepted markers for authenticity and STR Profiling helps the scientific community ensure the quality and integrity of their cell lines. The process is very simple:

1. ECACC dispatches FTA cards, a sample submission form and full instructions direct to the customer.

2. The customer spots their cells or DNA onto the FTA card at the recommended concentration.

3. The customer sends the spotted cards for STR Profiling using pre-addressed envelopes.
After processing, ECACC will provide:

• STR analysis at 16 loci including Amylogenin
• expert interpretation of electropherograms
• comparison of results with ECACC and publicly available STR profile databases
• a confidential report written by ECACC’s senior scientists

You can learn more about the STR profiling service offered by ECACC here.


Further information:

The new AuthentiCell database, which will allow customers to identify their cell lines by entering STR through entering data, will be released soon; keep up to date with our social media channels and newsletters for further information.

If you would like to know more about any of ECACC's cell line authentication services, you can find more information here or get in touch


April 2020