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Order direct from USA

Microbiologics in the USA is the distributor for our freeze-dried ampoules of NCTC and NCPF Original Strains, NCTC DNA, NCTC phages, NCPV strains, Norovirus GI, Norovirus GII, and Hepatitis A virus LENTICULE® discs.

For Lenticules, we supply directly to the US market, as Microbiologics cannot distribute them. Additionally, Canada is not included in the distribution agreement, so we also supply directly to the Canadian market.

There are no redirects for LENTICULEs in the US and Canada; we provide direct supply for these regions.


Contact: Michelle Phillips


200 Cooper Ave N,

St Cloud,

MN 56303,

United States

Tel: +1 320-253-1640