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Cell culture reagents

The following list is provided to aid acquisition of reagents suitable for the culture of ECACC cell lines.

Catalogue no. Brand Product Description
A1720            Sigma G418                   G 418 disulfate salt
A5006 Sigma L-Arginine L-Arginine
B1522 Sigma BME Basal Medium Eagle
B9285 Sigma Budr Bromo-deoxy Uridine
C2639 Sigma Freeze Media SF Cell Freezing Medium – Serum free
C3867 Sigma Collagen Type I Collagen Type I solution from rat tail
C5467 Sigma CHO PF Media EX-CELL® ACF CHO Medium - Animal Component Free
C5533 Sigma Collagen Type IV Collagen Type IV (from human placenta)
C8919 Sigma Collagen Type I Collagen Type I (from calf skin)
D2650 Sigma DMSO Dimethyl Sulphoxide (Hybri-Max)
D5796 Sigma DMEM DMEM, Dulbecco’s Modified Eagle’s Medium
D8062 Sigma DMEM:F12 (1:1) DMEM:Nutrient Mix F12 Ham (1:1) ratio mix
D8537 Sigma PBS Phosphate Buffered Saline
F2442 Sigma FBS / FCS Foetal Bovine Serum / Foetal Calf Serum (USA Origin)
F4135 Sigma FBS HI Foetal Bovine Serum – Heat Inactivated (USA Origin)
F4759 Sigma Fibronectin Fibronectin
21475025 Gibco  Fischer’s Medium Fischer’s Medium
F0855 Biochrom Coon’s F12 Nutrient Mixture F-12 Ham Coon’s Modification
G1890 Sigma Gelatin  Gelatin from Porcine skin
G2025 Sigma Glycerol Glycerol
G5154 Sigma GMEM Glasgow Minimum Essential Medium
G7513 Sigma Glutamine L-Glutamine
G9391 Sigma Gelatin Gelatin from Bovine skin
H0137           Sigma HT                        HT media supplement (50x) Hybri-Max™
H0262           Sigma HAT HAT media supplement (50x) Hybri-Max™
H0887 Sigma HEPES HEPES solution
H1270 Sigma HS Horse Serum
H6909         Sigma Hydrocortisone     Hydrocortisone solution 
H8142 Sigma HES Hybridoma Enhancing Supplement
I0516            Sigma Insulin                  Insulin solution from Bovine pancreas.
I3146 Sigma ITS Insulin – Transferrin – Selenium
I3390 Sigma IDMEM IMDM / Iscove’s Modified Dulbecco’s Medium
I7908           Sigma IL-2                       Interleukin-2 human      
I9278            Sigma Insulin                  Insulin Solution - Human
L5158             Sigma LIF                      Leukemia Inhibitory Factor ( from mouse)
L5520 Sigma L15 L-15 Medium (Leibovitz)
L9010 Sigma LEH Lactalbumin Enzymatic Hydrolysate
M2154 Sigma M199 Medium 199
M4526 Sigma ALPHA MEM Minimum Essential Medium Eagle’s – Alpha Modification
M4655 Sigma EMEM (EBSS) Minimum Essential Medium Eagle’s (Earle’s Balanced Salt Solution)
M5775 Sigma EMEM (HBSS) Minimum Essential Medium Eagle’s (Hank’s Balanced Salt Solution)
M6250 Sigma 2ME 2 – Mercaptoethanol
M6395 Sigma MCDB 105 MCDB 105 Medium
M6895 Sigma VITS (MEM) MEM Vitamins
M7145 Sigma NEAA Non Essential Amino Acids
M8028 Sigma JMEM Minimum Essential Medium Eagle’s - Joklik Modification
M8167 Sigma SMEM Minimum Essential Medium Eagle’s - Spinner Modification
M8403 Sigma McCoy’s 5A McCoy’s 5A Medium Modified
N1140 Sigma NCTC 109 NCTC 109 Medium
N3520 Sigma Kaighn’s F12 Nutrient Mixture F-12 Ham Kaighn’s Modification 
N4637 Sigma NBCS New Born Calf Serum
N6013 Sigma Ham’s F10 Nutrient Mixture F-10 Ham’s
N6658 Sigma Ham’s F12 Nutrient Mixture F-12 Ham’s
P8139 Sigma PMA Phorbol Myristate Acetate
R7256 Sigma VITS (RPMI) RPMI Vitamins
R8758 Sigma RPMI 1640 Roswell Park Memorial Institute
S8636 Sigma NaP Sodium Pyruvate
S8761 Sigma NaHCO3 Sodium Bicarbonate
S9895 Sigma SDM Schneider’s Drosophila Medium
T3160          Sigma TC-100                  TC-100 Insect Medium
25300 Sigma Trypsin/EDTA 0.05% Trypsin-EDTA , phenol red
T6414 Gibco Trypsin Inhibitor (Soybean) Trypsin Inhibitor
T8154 Sigma Trypan Blue Trypan Blue
T8159 Sigma TPB Tryptose Phosphate Broth
W1625 Sigma WMB 752/1 Waymouth Medium MB 752/1

 List updated: February 2019


Disclaimer: please note there are other suppliers of these reagents; ECACC is unable to endorse any specific manufacturer or supplier

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