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DNA Robotics 1High quality, high molecular weight, genomic DNA can be prepared from cell lines, whole blood or saliva using an automated extraction unit employing silica coated magnetic bead technology. All DNA is quantified using the A260 absorbance assay, and normalised to a standard concentration of 100ngµl-1. The final DNA can be supplied in a variety of formats, both plates and tubes, including 2D-barcoded tubes, according to customer specifications.

As part of our routine Quality Assurance, a proportion of each batch of DNA is tested for purity, using UV spectrophotometry, and DNA size and integrity, using agarose gel electrophoresis. In addition to the above, a proportion of cell line DNA is authenticated against source material using STR-PCR profiling to verify sample identity.


DNA Extraction from Cell Lines

High quality genomic DNA can be prepared from your own cell lines deposited and stored at ECACC, in quantities ranging from a few micrograms, to milligram quantities, depending upon your needs (see below). In addition, DNA can be prepared from any cell line from ECACC's collections, should you require other than the standard quantities available. 

Culture VolumeApprox. No. of CellsDNA Yield
30-40ml 1-2 x 107 70-100µg
50ml 3 - 4 x 107 200-250µg
120ml 1 x 108 450-550µg
500ml 3 - 4 x 109 1.5 - 2mg

Standard Cell Culture Volumes & Approximate DNA Yields from Lymphoblastoid cell lines


DNA Extraction from Whole Blood

DNA can be extracted from whole blood, fresh or frozen, using the latest automated technologies. The service is offered for blood volumes up to 10ml. The final DNA can be supplied in a variety of formats, both plates and tubes, according to your specifications. Blood for whole blood extraction should be sent in PLASTIC tubes not glass.


Oragene Saliva Collection Tube

DNA Extraction from Saliva (Orgagene®)

ECACC offers a service to extract high quality genomic DNA from saliva samples collected in Oragene® saliva collection tubes. Please contact us to discuss your requirements or request a quote.


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