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Serum Free Cell Lines

Serum Free Cell Lines An area of regulatory concern in the biopharmaceutical production industry is the use of animal derived products during production processes. One of the sources of this problem is the presence of animal derived components in...

Cell Culture Reagents

Cell culture reagents The following list is provided to aid acquisition of reagents suitable for the culture of ECACC cell lines. Catalogue no. Brand Product Description A1720            Sigma G418                   G 418 disulfate...

Cell Lines FAQs

 Frequently Asked Questions: Cell Lines      Why is vapour phase LN2 recommended rather than liquid phase LN2? If vials are immersed in liquid phase LN2 there is a risk of LN2 seeping into the vial; this could result in cross-contamination and an...

Cell Lines and Hybridomas

Cell Lines and Hybridomas The European Collection of Authenticated Cell Cultures (ECACC) has a range of cell line collections grouped according to the type of cell line and the data available. We have an active cell line acquisition programme, new...

Cell line depositor: Imperial College London

Cell line depositor: Imperial College London       Imperial College London is a global top ten university with a world-class reputation in science, engineering, business and medicine. Imperial is the only UK university to focus entirely on science,...

Patent Deposit Service Introduction

Patent Deposit Service NCTC and ECACC are long established International Depository Authorities (IDAs) for the deposit of pathogenic bacteria, cell lines and viruses for the purposes of patenting under the Budapest Treaty.   NCTC accepts bacteria,...

Dr. R. Ian Freshney (1938-2019): A tribute   Dr. R Ian Freshney passed away on 6 January 2019. He was a distinguished scientist and will be much missed by the cell culture community.   Freshney’s background R. Ian Freshney was born in Scotland in...

Culture Collections News

Culture Collections news Read about our new products, collaborations, upcoming events and find out about latest scientific developments and announcements. We welcome your feedback and comments - please email If you...

New Cell Lines

New Cell Lines We have an active programme to acquire new cell lines for our catalogue. On this page we list recent additions. You can also find these lines within the extensive Cell Line and Hybridoma collection listings.   MCF-7  August...

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