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RNA from Cell Lines

ECACC has suspended nucleic acid production in order to support the UKHSA’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. ECACC will review this decision in January 2022, whereby a further update will be provided on the potential resumption of production.  

ECACC offers high quality RNA and cDNA prepared from cell lines; cell lines in our catalogues and customer's own cell lines.

For ECACC cell lines RNA and cDNA are now 'add to cart' formats with price and availability displayed on each cell line detail webpage; visit our cell line catalogue items to view. To request a quote for RNA or cDNA prepared from your own cell lines or more information please complete the form below.

 Quality Assurance

All RNA is quantified using a Nanodrop N1000 spectrophotometer and normalised to a standard concentration of 100ng/µl. As part of our routine Quality Assurance, a proportion of each batch of RNA is tested for purity using the nucleic acid 260:280 and 260:230 absorbance ratios. RNA size and integrity are measured using agarose gel electrophoresis.


Typical Quality scores for ECACC prepared RNA:

A260/280: 2.05

A260/230: 2.1

RIN score: 9.875

18S:28S ratio: 2.3


cDNA from Cell Lines

The capability to generate high quality RNA also enables the ability to generate high quality cDNA. ECACC can now provide cDNA from human cell lines, other species will be available in the near future. Furthermore, ECACC will soon be making a range of cDNA panels available from its unique cell lines. cDNA provides a rapid, cost effective reagent to screen cell lines for particular expression characteristics in order to select cell lines of most relevance to take forward for more in depth analyses e.g. time consuming pharmacogenetic analysis.


cDNA is available now as a stock item for all human cell lines

RNA and cDNA Application Note Poster: Proof of Principle - Application of ECACC RNA and cDNA in Cell Line Receptor Characterisation


To request a quote for the preparation of RNA from your own cell lines (prices for RNA from ECACC cell lines are displayed on the cell line detail webpages) or more information – please complete and submit the form below:

RNA & cDNA from Cell Lines Enquiry Form 

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