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Virus LENTICULE® Discs - Microbiological Reference Material for Internal Quality Control




  • as qualitative or quantitative control strains for routine food, water and environmental testing
  • for method development and validations
  • for use in research studies
  • for training and educational purposes


In partnership with the Centre for Environment, Fisheries & Aquaculture Science (Cefas), PHE provides reference materials (RMs) for norovirus (genogroups I and II) and hepatitis A virus.

The discs consist of viruses in a solid water-soluble matrix that is stable for at least one year from manufacture, easy to use and suitable for a wide range of applications. The LENTICULE discs must be stored at -20°C ± 5°C, although short periods at ambient temperature such as during transportation, does not affect viability. All LENTICULE discs are supplied with a minimum expiry date of three months from date of purchase. Each pack of 10 LENTICULE discs comes with easy-to-follow instructions; all orders will be supplied from a single batch.


Catalogue number    Reference Material Genome copies per LENTICULE disc range
RM000HAV Hepatitis A virus (HAV)

5.7x103 – 1.6x104

RMNOROG1 Norovirus GI

3.2x104 – 4.75x104

RMNOROG2 Norovirus GII

4.8x102 – 1.3x103

The RMs are supplied with a certificate of analysis which gives reference values.

The NCTC and NCPF LENTICULE discs are now produced by Merck (previously Sigma-Aldrich). Please visit their website to search the product listings.


Introduction to reference materials for norovirus and hepatitis A virus


Handling Information
Instructions for Use – Norovirus and Hepatitis A virus LENTICULE discs
Safety Information
Material Safety Data Sheet – Norovirus LENTICULE discs
Material Safety Data Sheet – Hepatitis A virus LENTICULE discs


Import Permits

For delivery to the USA a CDC import permit is required. For delivery to Canada an import permit from Health Canada is required. 


LENTICULE is a trade mark of the UK Health Security Agency. The method of preparation and the LENTICULE discs themselves are subject to the International Patent Application published as WO 01/05941.


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