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Primate DNA Panel


The Primate DNA panel consists of 5µg high quality genomic DNA from each of eight different non-human primate species in a ready to use format. DNA is provided as a solution at a concentration of 100ng/µl in 10mM Tris buffer (pH 8.0) with 1mM EDTA.
For some species more than one cell line is available; these and other primate cell lines can be found in the General Cell Collection Catalogue. Customised panels containing DNA from multiple primate cell lines are available on request.


This product is temporarily unavailable at present, however please check again soon for updates. For further information please contact:


Primate DNA Panel includes DNA from the following samples:

Cell line NameCat. No.GenusSpeciesCommon Name
MA104 85102918 Cercopithicus aethiops African Green Monkey
EB176 (JC) 89072704 Pan troglodytes Chimpanzee
CYNOM-K1 90071809 Macaca fasicularis Cynomologous Monkey
EB(JC) 89072703 Gorrilla gorilla Gorilla
MLA144 86102901 Hylobates   Gibbon
EB185 (JC) 89072705 Pygmaeus pongus Orang-utan
OMK (637-69)a 90110510 Aotus trivirgatus Owl Monkey
B95-8 85011419 Saguinus oedipus Marmoset




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