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How to Handle DNA on Receipt

DNA products are supplied at either +4°C or frozen. Please consult the data sheet which accompanies the delivery; these sheets contain valuable information about how the DNA should be handled and stored. We recommend that frozen DNA products be stored at -20°C upon receipt if not to be used immediately. Repeated freeze thawing should be avoided.

On receipt of your DNA order ECACC recommends the following:

DNA received in tubes

  1. Once thawed the DNA can be stored at 4°C to 8°C for at least six months
  2. Before unscrewing the cap of the tube, place in a mini centrifuge for a short spin to bring all DNA to the bottom of the tube
  3. Take care not to mix caps between samples. If in doubt use a fresh cap.

DNA received in 96 well plates

  1. Once the plates have been thawed, prior to piercing, they should be centrifuged briefly to bring all DNA to the bottom of the well
  2. DNA supplied in 96 well plates is designed for single use. However, should it be necessary to store the plates then the plastic lid should be placed over the pierced wells. The plate should be stored upright at 4°C to 8°C. The DNA will evaporate very quickly (within days) if the plate is not re-sealed using the replacement seal supplied. When re-sealed, the DNA can be stored for a minimum of three months at 4°C to 8°C
  3. ECACC does not recommend that you re-freeze the plates but, if you do, the plates should be re-sealed and stored upright.


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