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ECACC DNA Products


ECACC has developed a range of high quality, high molecular weight genomic DNA products derived from cell lines, which are available from stock. To ensure the highest quality and reproducibility, extracted DNA is subject to defined quality control procedures and all ECACC DNA products are supplied at a standard concentration of 100ng/ul

DNA Panels

This is a range of off the shelf DNA products, in a convenient 8 x 12 format are available these include:


Cell Line Collection-derived DNA

DNA can be supplied in a range of standard quantities from listings in the following ECACC cell line collections:


Custom DNA Extraction

In addition to the above products, DNA can be prepared from customer's own cell lines and blood samples as part of ECACC Human Genetic Services.


Genomic Reference Materials

ECACC cell lines have been used as the source of some of the genomic reference materials at the National Institute for Biological Standards and Control (NIBSC)

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