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G-protein coupled receptor (GPCR) cell lines available as single seed vials or as Frozen, Assay Ready reagent.





Cell Line Name

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ECACC Catalogue Number IUPHAR link
β 2 Adrenergic receptor (ADRB2 ) (Human) also known as β2-adrenoceptor T26J-1/09 (CHO-Beta-2 (ADRB2)) 10031601 β2-adrenoceptor
Free Fatty Acid Receptor 3 (FFAR3) (Human) also known as GPR 41 or GPCR41 T35J-5/09 (CHO-FFAR3 (FFAR3)) 10031602 FFA3
M3 Muscarinic Receptor (Human) T02J-7/10 (CHO-M3 (CHRM3)) 10031603 M3
Histamine Receptor H2 (Human) (HRH2) T02J-9/10 (CHO-H2 (HRH2)) 10031604 H2
Glucagon Receptor (Human) (GCGR) T02J-10/10 (CHO-GCGR (GCGR)) 10031605 Glucagon
Opiate receptor-like 1, (OPRL1) (Human) CHO-OPRL1 10110201 OPRL1
Free fatty acid receptor 2, (FFAR2) (Human) CHO-FFAR2 10110202 FFAR2
Cholinergic receptor muscarinic M1, (CHRM1) (Human) CHO-CHRM1 10110203 CHRM1
Cholinergic receptor muscarinic M2, (CHRM2) (Human) CHO-CHRM2 10110204 CHRM2
GPR120 receptor (orphan), (Human) CHO-GPR120 10110205 GPR120
Somatostatin Receptor 1, (SSTR1) (Human) CHO-SSTR1 10110206 SSTR1
Human cholinergic receptor muscarinic M5 (CHRM5) CHO-CHRM5 11041302 CHRM5

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Application Note: Optimization of a muscarinic M3-receptor assay using frozen 'assay ready' CHO cells on the FlexStation 3 System: the impact of calcium dye selection and cell culture conditions.


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