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Why use cell line cDNA?

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ECACC scientists generated cDNA from cell line 1321N1 to test the principle of using cell line cDNA as a transcriptome pre-screen to test for the presence of interesting biomarkers.  We chose 1231N1 because it is a well characterised cell line and the presence of a class of G-protein coupled receptor, the muscarinic sub-type three receptor, is well-established in a range of pharmacological analyses.

It was fairly simple for us to identify a PCR product representing the muscarinic sub-type three receptor using cDNA from this cell line and in addition, we found a second PCR product that represented the muscarinic sub-type five receptor which was previously unreported in this cell line.

Poster showing evidence for cell line cDNA as a transcriptome pre-screen (opens in new window)

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