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Customer Service Policy

We make every effort to ensure our products arrive with you in a satisfactory condition and take great pride in the service we offer to the scientific community. If you have any questions about your delivery or a problem to resolve please contact us.

We endeavour to investigate any problem reported to us regarding our products or services. If you do experience any difficulties, please contact us promptly as we are unable to accept liability for quality problems which are reported 30 days following the date of shipment.


Cell Lines
Cell culture is a complex procedure requiring specific growth conditions and practical expertise. As a consequence we offer Technical Support to answer any questions you may have about the growth of your cells. All cell cultures from the Culture Collections have been extensively checked for microbial contamination and are fully authenticated.

Customers receiving cell cultures that are not entirely satisfactory are eligible to receive a replacement in accordance with the following criteria.

The Culture Collections cannot accept liability for quality problems which are:

  • reported more than 30 days following the date of shipment
  • reported following subculture of the cells in the customer's laboratory
  • attributable to a failure to adhere to the Culture Collections recommendations for media and sub-culture

In the event of claimed product failure the Culture Collections reserves the right to refuse reimbursement if, following investigation, it can reasonably demonstrate that identical units from the same lot no. actually fulfil quality specifications.

Please note: where possible frozen cells will normally be replaced by growing cultures (to eliminate resuscitation difficulties). Replacement cultures may be provided at no charge, however, if the Culture Collections cannot substantiate the claim shipping costs and a replacement fee will be charged.

Suggestions: We recommend that a stock of the cell line(s) should be frozen as soon as possible after receipt at approximately 2 x 106 cells/ml to prevent loss of cells. Also, we recommend that you maintain a back-up flask until you have made a token freeze.

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