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 Figure 1 NCTC 14309 Mycoplasma procyoni cells


The NCTC collection supports laboratories and research institutions of veterinary importance worldwide. Recently,17 novel strains isolated from animals of different origin have been deposited into the NCTC collection from the US Food and Drug Administration research laboratory. These includes novel species of the genus Mycoplasma, Acholeplasma and Ureaplasma. These strains have been characterized phenotypically and genotypically and compared to other established species of the same genus. Study of these novel strains is crucial for understanding the phylogeny and to learn about the impact on their host by establishing if they serve as a part of normal flora or a pathogen.


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Figure 2 NCTC 14351 Acholemplasma equirhinis cells


Below is the list of the strains published in journals that will be available in the NCTC soon:


NCTC  No. Organism name
14309 Mycoplasma procyoni
14351 Acholeplasma equirhinis
14307 Mycoplasma enhydrae
14347 Mycoplasma enhydrae
14348 Mycoplasma enhydrae
14349 Mycoplasma enhydrae
14350 Mycoplasma enhydrae














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For further information on the novel species, please see below:


Written by Rupa Rai

April 2020

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