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The European Bank for induced pluripotent Stem Cells (EBiSC) is carrying out a survey to better understand users’ iPSC needs with an aim of further improving their services. EBiSC is a centralised, not-for-profit iPSC bank providing researchers across academia and industry with access to scalable, cost-efficient and consistent, high quality tools for new medicines development.

In the initial phase (2014-2017), EBiSC addressed the increasing demand for quality-controlled, disease-relevant, research-grade iPSC lines, data and cell services. EBiSC launched a second project phase, starting in March 2019, to become a self-sustainable centralised iPSC hub; pooling EU resources to structure the iPSC landscape in terms of quality, consistency, available data, standards and licensing agreements.

EBiSC2 aims to collaborate with other ongoing or future iPSC programmes in an effort to continue serving as a central hub for collection, banking, quality control and distribution of hiPSC lines; resulting in secured access for the research community to assets generated with public funds within these projects. Building on EBiSC’s established clinical network, EBiSC2 will also progress clinical engagement to support collection and appropriate management of disease-relevant patient data to support disease modelling and drug discovery activities.

If you use or intend to use iPSCs, help us understand your needs by completing the survey and to enter the EBiSC prize.


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