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Using the collections search interface


The Culture Collections website features many product lines. In order to make it simpler to find the product you require an advanced search behaviour is provided. In any collection a search interface will be shown, similar to the example below. Some fields in the form behave like any other search you might have used previously. Where an advanced search is offered, the search icon will appear on the right hand side of the field. This is indicated in the picture shown below.


Advanced search

When an advanced search field is offered, it will promt the user with possible matches as they type in their search. In the example shown, the user has typed in "34" and the system has matched this with eight possibilities. The suggestions list is not shown until the user has typed a minimum of 2 characters.


Item selection

Items in the suggestions list can be selected with the mouse, or by using the arrow keys followed by the Return key. If the list appears and does not contain any appropriate item it will disappear automatically or can be removed immediately by pressing on the Esc key. When an item is selected it will be automatically written back into the original form field.



When you have found the item you would like to search for, click the search button to proceed.


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