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The glossary is an alphabetical list of acronyms and terms related to our products.

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  • NADL

    National Animal Disease Center, Ames, Iowa, USA


    National Accreditation of Measurement and Sampling

  • NaP

    Sodium Pyruvate

  • NBCS

    Newborn Calf Serum

  • NCA

    National Canners' Association, Washington DC, USA

  • NCDC

    See CDC

  • NCDO

    National Collection of Dairy Organisms; now NCFB (q.v.)

  • NCFB

    National Collection of Food Bacteria, originally at Shinfield, NrReading, Berkshire, UK

  • NCIB

    National Collection of Industrial Bacteria; now NCIMB Ltd (q.v.)


    National Collections of Industrial and Marine Bacteria Ltd, Aberdeen, Scotland

  • NCMB

    National Collection of Marine Bacteria; now NCIMB (q.v.) Ltd

  • NCPF

    National Collection of Pathogenic Fungi


    National Collection of Plant Pathogenic Bacteria, Harpenden, Hertfordshire, UK

  • NCPV

    National Collection of Pathogenic Viruses

  • NCTC

    National Collection of Type Cultures

  • NCYC

    National Collection of Yeast Cultures, Norwich, UK

  • NEAA

    Non Essential Amino Acids

  • NIH

    National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, Maryland, USA

  • NIMR

    National Institute for Medical Research, Mill Hill, London, UK

  • NIRD

    National Institute for Research in Dairying, Shinfield, Nr Reading, Berkshire

  • NRC

    National Research Council, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

  • NRRL

    Northern Utilization Research and Development Division (formerly Northern Regional Research Laboratory), US Department of Agriculture, Peoria, Illinois, USA

  • NRS

    Collection of the late Dr N R Smith, US Department of Agriculture, Washington, DC, USA

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