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  • EBD, EBF

    Collection of Dr E M Barnes, Food Research Institute, Norwich, Norfolk, UK

  • EBNA

    Epstein Barr Nuclear Antigen

  • EBV

    Originally a Human lymphotropic herpes virus that is now used in the immortalisation of B lymphoblast cells


    European Collection of Authenticated Cell Cultures

  • EDTA

    Ethylene Diamine Tetra Acetic Acid

  • EGF

    Epidermal Growth Factor


    Eagles Minimum Essential Medium with Earles Balanced Salt Solution


    Eagles Minimum Essential Medium with Hanks Balanced Salt Solution


    Emergency Public Health Laboratory Service, became the Public Health Laboratory Service in 1946

  • Epithelial-Like

    Resembling or characterisation of, having the form or appearance of epithelial cells. In order to define a cell as an epithelial cell, it must possess characteristics typical of epithelial cells. For example, often epithelial cells will appear cuboidal when viewed under the light microscope and grow in sheets wherein the cells are in quite close contact with one another. In some types of epithelial cells, the nuclear to cytoplasmic ratio will be relatively high when compared to fibroblast cells.

  • ERS

    Equine Research Station, Newmarket, UK

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