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What is the NCTC 3000 project?

  • it is a five year joint project to be delivered by Public Health England’s (PHE) (now known as the UK Health Security Agency) Culture Collections, the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute and Pacific Biosciences
  • it aims to produce a unique website for the clinical and research microbiology community

What will it produce?

  • a website that will bring together the complete strain information of Type and reference bacteria and viruses of global public health importance
  • integrated web links directing users to strain-specific information held at external websites (eg journal papers in PubMed)
  • the project will produce complete genome sequences of 3000 Type and reference bacterial strains and 500 viruses from the PHE Culture Collections as the foundation for biomedical research and discovery

Who will benefit?

The clinical and research microbiology community - we want to meet your needs


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Watch 'The NCTC 3000 Project: Mapping the Genetic Codes of 3000 Pathogenic Bacteria' on YouTube


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